Stadium Seating Installation

Holman Inc, has played an integral role in the implementation of styrofoam seating forms into commercial buildings. Our Management team has over 15 years of experience in working with SSE to form seating arrangements for churches and school auditoriums. We install foam based seating systems that are used as a foundation for finished concrete work. Because of the lightweight of the foam, we are able to lessen the labor cost of what would otherwise be steel and concrete. We are also able to complete the jobs quickly as one person can carry the Styrofoam blocks vs having to rent a crane for steel and concrete beams.

We have also been involved in installing ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) commercially and residentially. The Styrofoam has a very High R-Factor which greatly increases the energy efficiency of a building. The Forms have a hollow middle which allows us to install Rebar and Concrete so that the Form is able to withstand 220 MPH winds and virtually resistant to bugs, rot, and water.



Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks